Watch Murdah Bongz Discuss His Bond With Black Coffee

DJ and producer Murdah Bongz has just given some details about his relationship with compatriot and fellow DJ Black Coffee, noting that the Grammy-winning musician is more like a big brother to him.

From a clip recently shared online, it is obvious that their relationship goes way back. They were much younger then and not as prosperous as they are today.

Well, during his appearance on The Best T in The City with Tbose Mokwe, Murdah Bongz noted that his relationship with Black Coffee dates back to his days at Black Motion. Then Black Coffee would make suggestions on what was produced.

Their relationship transcended music, as they also discussed life, with Murdah Bongz going to Black Coffee for advice and his older compatriot occasionally doing the same.

Many South Africans are pleased with the duo’s relationship. Some even joke that it is one made in heaven. You can check out the complete video interview below.

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