Watch: Mzansi Excited As Royal AM’s Andile Mpisane Trains Ahead Of Match With Chiefs

A new year and a new season are here, and Andile Mpisane, one of the players for the South African side Royal AM, has been hard at training to be fit to give his best on the pitch.

The footballer, who also doubles as chairman of Royal Am, was recently recorded sweating it out in the gym in preparation for his team’s next encounter, The video of him at the gym was shared by a bloke who is probably his trainer.

It appeared like many see the footballer doing pretty well when he eventually shows up on the pitch against his club’s rivals.

Before now, though, Andile Mpisane’s pitch presence has been a source of mordant jabs, with tweeps stating that he was given the captain band, not for lack of skill but because the club belonged to his mother and he himself was the chairman of the club.

A common joke is that he could just award himself a bonus after his team must have done well during a match.

Andile Mpisane has been fighting to make an impact of his own without the looming shadow of his mother’s wealth. In that quest, he ventured into several areas, including music.

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