Watch Nadia Nakai Recall Meeting Her Father For The First Time In 33 Years

Not everyone has the good fortune of knowing and having a close relationship with their father in their early years and right into their 30. That is the reality of South African rapper Nadia Nakai, who never got to meet her father until recently.

For most of her life, the songstress had only spoken about her mother’s side of the family, leaving her father’s side out. During an interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Bhuda T Podcast, the songstress decided to dwell on the story about her father.

She noted that she only got to meet him when she turned 33. Yes. He is still alive. But he lives in Canada and not South Africa. He occasionally visits the Rainbow Nation, though.

According to her, their first meeting was wholesome. She didn’t feel any anger towards him or anything. She attributed this to the fact that she was raised well by her mother.

Papa Nakai will certainly be proud to see how much her daughter has achieved in his absence. Nadia Nakai has grown from the unknown “Yass Bitch” rapper to a nationally famous hip-hop figure today. Life took a gruesome turn for her this February when she lost her boyfriend AKA in an assassination.

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