Watch Nasty C Fire Shots At Flvme, Sarkodie & A-Reece In New Freestyle

was on recently during which he spat a that went viral in no time. The freestyle had some lines about his compatriots and fellow rappers A-Reece and Flvme.

While spitting his bars on A-Reece, noted there was actually no beef between them. Maybe it was more of “petty spaghetti” but nothing there. Still, since he is one for amity, he tried to reach out to The Boy Doing Things so that they could mend whatever was dividing them.

According to him, A-Reece wasn’t interested in ironing things out, and now he, Nasty C, has moved on and is riding with the waves, facing his career.

Regarding Flvme, the Man With Some Power noted that the rapper has had a lot of conflicts with other musicians and that he would be silly to trust Flvme and the pack. He is on his own. You can check out the video below.

While might have had his share of conflicts with other musicians, the one he has with A-Reece is the most pronounced and has lingered on for years. How soon until amity is restored is one thing many have been asking but have no answers to.

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