Watch Nasty C Not Having Reached His Full Potential Yet

Nasty C may already have earned a secure spot in the universe of South African rap, but the songster feels he has not achieved his full potential yet. Yes, the Zulu Man With Some Power feels he has so much ahead of him.

He should know, perhaps, after all, he already indicated that “I Love It Here” in a new album that illuminates his growth in life and music, as well as the miracle of being close to becoming a father. Yeah, his girlfriend Sammie Heavens is currently pregnant.

The songster spoke about the making of his album “I Love It Here” and so much more during a sit-down with Old Man Ebro on Apple Music. While he may have accomplished a lot at just 26 years of age, he believes that the best of him is still just ahead of him and he has a lot to accomplish yet. You can check out the clip below.

It turned out, from the reactions to the clip so far, that many of his fans share his verdict about his potential and about the possibilities of him fully unravelling in the future. For now, they are embracing the side of him that is currently open to the world.

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