Watch Nasty C Tease #DeepPockets Visuals

“Deep Pockets” was one of the songs that made the cut in Nasty C’s trending “Zulu Man With Some Power” album. The official video of the track is not out yet, but the songster might be set to promote it soon.

The songster teased a video of the song on his Twitter channel yesterday 28 September 2020, using #DeepPockets as a hashtag while indicating he might post on YouTube. According to him the teaser video is an old one.

Old or not, fans were pretty chuffed with it and lavished it with the flame emoji. You may check out the teaser, which plays for exactly 17 seconds, below.

Nasty C has been on a roll following the release of his “Zulu Man With Some Power” album. Earlier, he had clinched a deal with Def Jam Africa and later collaborated with Netflix and South Africa for the release of a documentary titled Zulu Man in Japan.

There is no formal release date yet for “Deep Pockets,” a collaborative work with Rowlene, yet. But we’ll surely share the official music video with you as soon as it pops on the songster’s official YouTube channel. You might want to follow us on social media and stay tuned for updates.

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