Watch: Natasha Thahane Renovates Granny’s Home

It is the dream of not just mothers but grandmothers as well that members of the family are doing very well. Of course, when they are, it rubs off beautifully on other members of the household. Everyone is happy and gets to share in the happiness.

We recently saw this in the life of South African actress Natasha Thahane, who renovated her grandmother’s house. The actress herself shared about the renovation in a post on her official Instagram page.

In her post, she shared the home before the renovation and after it. pointing out in the comment section how, growing up in Africa, the dream is usually to accomplish a lot and make family members proud.

Well, it might be said that she has reached that stage in her life already, with past contributions to the lives of other family members. Her renovating her grandmother’s house is just a continuation of the same. You can check out the post below.

Her fans were impressed with the changes that the house underwent and how it now appears more comfortable than it used to be. Some even described her as blessed for having taken the initiative to make her grandmother’s abode the “oasis” that she said it is.

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