Watch Nelz Record song “Hola Heita Hater” With Moozlie And Phreshclique

Check out video of Nelz recording Hola Heita Hater with Moozlie and Phreshclique

Check out studio footage of Nelz recording “Hola Heita Hater” with Moozlie and Phreshclique.

Nelz is on the move. The very sassy female has been for a while now. Last year, she announced herself to all of Mzansi with her hard hitting EP, “Thuggie”. It surely registered on the minds of all who heard it, and it became the best way to make a debut entrance.

Last weekend, the talented female rapper debuted a brand new song, one which boasts an all Female lineup. She calls the song “Hola Heita Hater” and it features Moozlie and Phreshclique.

The song is obviously dedicated to their individual haters who they call out from start till finish. It is definitely the perfect song to put your haters in their place, which is what they do.

A video of the three rappers recording the song in the studio has now been released through Slikouronlife.


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