Watch Now: AKA’s Murder Lynn Forbes On Whether AKA Had Enemies Who Wanted Him Dead

Months after his gruesome assassination on the streets of Durban, the questions surrounding AKA’s death have refused to go away – understandably. He was, after all, one of the top voices in South Africa’s rap universe. His grieving mother, Lynn Forbes, has just fuelled on one of such questions: Did someone want him dead?

During a recent interview with ENCA, the devastated lady was asked if it was possible AKA wasn’t safe in Durban and if he had made enemies who wanted him dead. She replied that she didn’t know and doesn’t want to believe that someone would hate him so much as to want to kill him.

Lynn has been in mourning ever since her son was shot dead at point-blank range alongside his former manager “Tibz” as they all stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. He died on the spot, the street bespattered with his blood.

An investigation is ongoing into the rapper’s assassination, but nothing tangible has come out of it yet. Lynn is confident the police will eventually do their job. This much was obvious even previously when the family released a statement cautioning the public against making wild statements. You can check out her interview below.

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