Watch Ntando Duma’s Sister Lady Amar Almost Fall Off During #DakiweChallenge

Watch Ntando Duma’s sister, Lady Amar almost fall off while doing the Dakiwe challenge.

We are currently in an era where viral Challenges a needed to promote music. Although some songs become instant hits, some catch on with viral challenges. This has worked out for several hit makers including Master KG, Mapara A Jazz, and more.

Not too long ago, Mzansi DJ, DBN Gogo kicked off the very fun Dakiwe Challenge. It simply involves you grooving to the beat unanimously with others. You all practically swoon to the beat. Gogo has shared several videos of herself doing it with friends including Pearl Thusi.

A recent video by Ntando Duma would leave you laughing outloud. In the video, her sister, Lady Amar almost falls off while they do the Dakiwe challenge. It is just so funny. This proved that the challenge isn’t as easy as it looks. You should check it out.


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