Watch Nue Sam & Sjava Premiere “Masiyeke” Music Video

A week ago, Sjava had shared a clip of himself and Nue Sam on Instagram, and fans wondered what they were up to. But, they didn’t have to wonder for long as Nue Sam released the music video of her song “Masiyeke,” featuring the former Ambitiouz Entertainment star.

The video premiered on May 5 on Nue Sam’s YouTube channel and has been viewed over 17k times at the time of writing.

The reactions to the clip indicate that fans are pleased with it. Most listeners praised the beat, the hook and how Sjava and Nue Sam managed to work together seamlessly for two musicians who don’t have a long history of working together.

Directed by Mbalenhle Buthelezi, the new music video begins with Nue Sam making her bed. Next, she’s seen walking ahead while Sjava tries to speak with her.

The scene transitions back into the room, with Nue Sam picking up Sjava’s clothes and noticing what appears to be lipstick. She moved the shirt close to her nose to get a better whiff of what she thought must be a strange woman’s perfume.

“Masiyeke” explores a theme that anyone who has ever loved and been loved will understand. You can check out the music video below and see it for yourself.

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