Watch Oskido Disclose His DJ Career Early Days

Legendary DJ, Oskido speaks on the genesis of his DJ career.

Oskido is one of the foremost DJ’s in South Africa, who has since his debut produced a couple of great songs and discovered great artists and DJs under his Kalawa Jazmee record label. Among his discoveries gave us the famous DJ Tira and who have over time given us unforgettable hits.

Oskido spoke on how he has been producing local sounds, even before genres like became popular. He said the sound in SA is the slow version of the International sounds and gave an example of it.

Watch the video below;

The legend of late is keeping busy while also entertaining fans with his Legends Live online sessions, which had seen him DJs and artists like DJ Sumbody, and VigroDeep.  The Live stream has seen a lot of people tune in to it from their homes.

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