Watch Pearl Thusi & Gabrielle Union In “Cuff It” Challenge Moment

The “Cuff It” challenge has caught on, and celebrated South African actress Pearl Thusi is more than happy to join. Only, she didn’t make the leap alone but was joined by her American counterpart Gabrielle Union.

In a joint Instagram post, the two had shared their moments together at two different nightclubs in South Africa. In the caption to the post, Pearl Thusi had asked her fans if they could count how many times they did the “Cuff It” challenge. She then bid them to watch what happens when hunger strikes. It was a lit moment that she was more than happy to have.

The reactions to the post showed that fans were more than happy to share in her wild moment with the Hollywood actress, who recently turned 50. you can check out the post below.

By the way, Gabrielle Union recently turned five decades on earth and was treated to a surprise birthday bash by her man, the comedian Dwayne Wade. The event had several American celebs in attendance and left the celebrant emotional and thankful for the consideration that went into planning everything and bringing her friends together to celebrate with her.

Clearly, the good times continue for Union, albeit elsewhere.

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