Watch Prince Kaybee Babysitting His Newborn

Prince Kaybee is one of the newest dads in town, and he appears to be taking his daddy duties seriously.

Who would blame him? He wanted a child and he had one. In a recent post to Instagram, the “Fetch Your Life” singer had shared a clip of him babysitting his daughter. In the room where the photo was taken, the songster could be seen playing a racing game while occasionally glancing at the child in her pram.

Fans thought the scene was cute, and they celebrated not just the moment but the baby. You can check out the clip below.

The baby, unnamed to the public, is the product of Prince Kaybee’s relationship with Zola Zeelovin. Zola’s pregnancy came as a surprise to many and actoss South Africa people wondeed who was responsible because at the time Prince Kaybee had cheated on her and his nudes, revealed by his flame, was trending.

Well, it soon emerged that they elected to not talk or share much about their relationship after the incident. Recalling the conroversy, Prince Kaybee would note later that it strengthened their bond. By the way, the baby is not Prince Kaybee’s first. He has children from his previous relationships.

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