Watch Rare Clip of Jay-Z Bringing Out Michael Jack During His Summer Jam of 2001

might be dead, but he’s still very much alive in the heart of the world’s pop universe. This much played out recently when a clip of -Z bringing him out on stage resurfaced online. 

-Z bringing out on stage is nothing new, nor is the clip of that historic moment. However, the current clip, which trended almost as soon as it surfaced, had a sweeping view of Jay-Z and Michael Jackson as they made it to the stage, with the King of Pop waving to the audience. 

The clip dates back to 2001, during Jay-Z’s Summer Jam performance. He had surprised the crowd when he brought the “Smooth Criminal” singer on stage. Excitement followed, and MJ waved in acknowledgement. You can check out the clips below

While it cannot be determined who shot the video that gave a better view of as he made it to the stage, those who saw the clip have been praising the videographer for a job well done. 

Michael Jackson, who is still larger than life even after his death, was born in Indiana in 1958. He was part of the family band called the Jackson 5. He died on June 25, 2009, in Los Angeles

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