Watch Rick Ross’s Electrifying Performance At The HICC In Zimbabwe

It was Rick Ross’s hour a while back as he popped into Zimbabwe, where he electrified his audience with his performance. Rozay’s appearance in the South African country was intensely anticipated and didn’t disappoint when he hit the stage.

Rozy was more than chuffed to be in Zim, and the reception he got was overwhelming. m from the airport. Where a couple of Zimbabwean dancers surrounded him and jiggled their waists, right down to the stage where he performed, there was no boring moment.

The American rapper himself shared a clip of the encounter on his verified Instagram page, stating is his home. You can check it out below.

Rick Ross prides himself on being a hustler. If you should ask him, he would say that he’s always hustling. Well, he showed his hustler self during his show at the large HICC in Harare, where he performed his song “Everyday I’m Hustling.”

He also performed other numbers from his repertoire, and fans had a good time. For many who turned up for the show, it was a moment to remember, and they would want the Americans to show up again for something just as electric.

For now, they can only embrace the memories of a good time they had.

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