Watch Riky Rick Buy All Of Tshego’s Merchandise T-Shirts

Cotton Fest champ Riky Rick is one of the Mzansi musos desirous of seeing local brands flying high.  He has just exemplified this desire by buying all of fellow rapper Tshego’s Merchandise tees.

Tshego was one of the artistes formerly signed to Csssper Nyovest’s Family Tree record label. Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick were formerly firm friends, but it appears a fissure developed in their relationship along the line. Cassper treated the subject in “To Whom It May Concern,” one of the songs in “Any Minute Now (AMN)” album.

Back to Riky Rick. The hip hop champ, who recently modeled for MaXhosa an the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), shared a clip a day ago of him buying out Tshego’s merchandise. He encouraged others to do the same – show love. You can check out the clip below.

In buying out all of Tshego’s mercahndise, Riky Rick joins the league of Mzansi musos who are seriously supporting local brands. Another notable supporter of local brands, incidentally, is Cassper Nyovest. The “Amademoni” rapper recently bought all of fellow rapper Gigi Lamayne’s merchandise.

Seems like the way to go. Or what do you think? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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