Watch: Riky Rick Teaches How To Cook Oxtail Stew

Riky Rick Teaches How To Cook Oxtail Stew

Watch Riky Rick teaches fans how to cook Oxtail stew.

You’d better be learning something new or gaining more knowledge on things you already know this lockdown. Trust us, your favourite celebs are working hard to improve themselves and are flexing some of their hidden talents. At least Riky Rick is.

The “Nkalakatha Remix” hit maker has been showing off his culinary skills since the lockdown began and fans can’t get enough of it. If you had no idea he was great at making dishes, well, you know now. It’s great to know he isn’t just good at dishing hits but also at cooking meals.

A recent video shared by Yomzansi shows the rapper cooking Oxtail stew. He expertly showed viewers how to make the stew. That’s definitely one of the coolest things you’ll see on social media today. If you have no idea how to make it, you might want to take a few notes.

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