Watch Roddy Ricch’s Video for ‘The Box’

Roddy Ricch releases music video for 'The Box'

Roddy Ricch finally releases an official music video for his hit song “The Box”.

Everyone in the world wants to be Roddy Ricch right now. The Compton rapper has proven to be a strong contender for the top spot of the music charts since the release of his debut album, “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial”.

The album’s single, “The Box” practically went viral and became the first number one of the decade, and of 2020. It has been at the top of the charts for multiple weeks now and is still going strong. Cool fact is, it hit number one despite not being released as a single.

After weeks of dominating, Roddy has now dropped the official music video for “The Box”. The song’s official video was directed by Ricch and Christian Breslauer. It features the rapper drag racing, dunking a basket ball, and chilling in pool filled with sharks. We couldn’t ask for a better video.

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