Watch Rouge On Her Acting Debut On Cell C

Mzansi rapper Rouge has made her acting debut and she is excited about the outcome. Her fans are, too, apparently.

She shared a short clip of herself in the Cell C advert, informing her fans that she is now officially an actress. A crying emoji indicates that she is somewhat emotional about this career win.

Rouge is famous as a  rapper and has won awards for same. With a fine outing on the Cell C advert, she shows that she is quite versatile, a gift many wish they possess.

By the way, the acting gig wouldn’t surprised her core fans.  For one, during a recent sit-down with Mac G on his Podcast and Chills With Mac G podcast, she had mentioned that she had an acting role imminent, but didn’t give details.

The details are public now and it is clear the songstress can act as well. In the Cell C advert, she played the role of an enterprising woman in a space dominated by men.

With the role on Cell C already sealed, it is looking like more acting gigs will be coming the rapper’s way in the coming months. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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