Watch Rouge Spit On Redbull 64 Bars

Watch SA Hip Hop’s female rapper Rouge speak on the Redbull 64 Bars.

We must confess, Hip Hop is back stronger this year. Last year, everyone said the genre was dead because it did not have much impact on the airwaves. Well, it returned to prove everyone wrong.

The Redbull 64 Bars show presents Mzansi’s best rappers, and fans get to see them spit. Last week, brought his A-game, and we could not get enough. This time, Rouge is out and ready to claim our entire minds. Fans get to watch her spit for 2 mins. Be warned; you’re not going to want it to stop.

The SA Hip Hop star who threw a dope birthday party is ready to dominate the scene like she usually does. Her delivery on the Redbull 64 Bars shows was very impressive. You do not want to pass on it. Check the video out below.

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