Watch Senzo Afrika Perform Afrika Stand Live

Senzo Afrika performs Afrika Stand Live

Senzo Afrika delivers a live performance of Afrika Stand.

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With artists and disc jockeys being subjected to only performing their music live on social media to their fans, many more are joining the trend. Recently, popular Mzansi musician, Senzo Afrika gave an inspiring performance of the song “Afrika Stand”.

The talented vocalist performed impressively well to the delight of fans who took to Major League’s comments section to express their joy. The song is certainly all that Mzansi needs right now with how inspiring the lyrics are. Senzo Afrika has also been keeping busy since the lockdown began, dropping covers and also engaging fans.

He’s delivered some very beautiful music this year too. He previously teamed up with Major league to drop the “Valley Of A 1000 Hills” EP. That was well received and it became a success among their fans. We do hope he comes through with even more live performances.

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