Watch: Shauwn Mkhize’s Video Convinces Mzansi Tamia Mpisane Is Pregnant

A video Shauwn Mkhize shared on her page has convinced fans that her daughter-in-law Tamia Mpisane is pregnant.

Actually, speculations about Tamia’s pregnancy have not just arisen. They had been there all along – around the period Andile Mpisane, Shauwn Mkhize’s only son, pulled off a surprise wedding.

Now, according to some social media users, the video Shauwn shared was all they needed to confirm that Tamia Mpisane (nee Louw) was pregnant. So far, though, no one from the Mkhize family had confirmed nor denied the pregnancy.

Convinced Tamia is already pregnant, fans of the Mkhize family thronged Shauwn’s comments, wishing Tamia the best going forward, congratulating her on her pregnancy. You can check out the video below.

Andile got married to Tamia last year in a move that got many thinking it was part of a reality show by Shauwn Mkhize. But it turned out Andile was into the real sh!t fans had believing it was real at the time because Sithelo Shozi, who Andile was dating, had recently given birth to their second daughter.

Also, at the time, Sithelo was flaunting a wedding band and claiming she was married to Andile. She’s since removed the ring. Sadly.

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