Watch Skhanda World Welcome To The Planet Documentary

After teasing fans about ab upcoming documentary, South African record label and music collective Skhanda World has let fans have it. The documentary had the same title as the album the label had released earlier, “Welcome to the Planet.”

The documentary takes viewers through the history of the making of “the conceptual recorded label” and features moments from artists who are not signed to the label but have worked with those who are. Part of the documentary shows AKA recording his verse for “All I Want Is You.” 

Skhanda World was founded precisely two years ago, in 2020, by the veteran rapper K.O and his longtime associate Tsholofelo Moremedi. The brand has morphed into clothing and lifestyle, besides music. 

At the music, Skhanda World has got several musicians d signed to it, including Ma-E, Loki, Roiii, DJ Mr X, and Just Bheki. 

“Welcome to the Planet” is pretty insightful and gives clues not just to the making of the album of the same title but the productive energy of K.O and his associates as well. 

So far, the reception for the documentary has been very positive. You can check it out below and see why K.O and his people remain nationally relevant.

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