Watch Slik Talk Body-Shame Kamo Mphela In New “Distasteful” Video

Watch Slik Talk Body-Shame Kamo Mphela In New “Distasteful” Video

Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk has body-shamed amapiano singer Kamo Mphela, leading to a chain reaction on social media.

The controversy started when Slik Talk, in his usual devil-may-care manner, dismissed Uncle Waffles as nothing more than a brief wonder whom the world would soon forget about.

In a YouTube video, Slik had stated that Uncle Waffles has no talent and would disappear into oblivion in the next six months.

His claims had apparently irked Kamo Mphela, who joined the fray, dismissing Slik Talk as nothing more than an attention-seeking clown who would not be half as successful as Uncle Waffles.

Her comments had social media in a frenzy, as many users insisted that Slik would not let Kamo Mphela’s words slide without a response.

Well, true to that view, in a new YouTube video, Slik had fired shots at Kamo Mphela, calling her ugly and generally body-shaming her. As far as Slik is concerned, that’s the end of Kamo Mphela.

Slik Talk has fired critical shots at almost every name that counts in South African entertainment. He’d also fired shots at Cassper Nyovest, who challenged him to a boxing match for which Slik stands to earn R100k whether he should win or lose.