Watch Slikour Speak On How AKA Made Him Stop Rapping

He was a member of the South African band Skwatta Kamp, but these days you would rarely find Slikour rapping. But why would he even stop rapping when he’s still got the rapping gift?

Well, the songster and blogger has addressed that himself, noting that a fellow rapper, Kiernan “AKA” was the he stopped rapping. The songster detailed this and muting during an interview on Choppin’ It With Bhuda.

It was around 2010 to 2011, and he and AKA were not o ly in the same area, but he also saw the “Fela in Versace” rapper play regularly. He wondered if AKA was hungry for success. Back then, Kiernan, he said, would perform looking at the ground, which made him wonder if he (Kiernan) was performing for the audience or himself.

He watched AKA’s growth, noting the hunger to succeed, which eventually came. And looking at the possibility of being second didn’t sit well with him, so he decided to ditch rapping and focus on others things, including music distribution and content production. In his new adventures, he has done pretty well, as the blog he runs is one of the best in South African music content production and distribution. The for this is his musical background and connections.

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