Watch Slikour Talk To Da LES, Stogie T, Beast & Zakwe At ‘Cotton Fest 2020’

Slikour interviews Da LES, Stogie T, Beast & Zakwe at Cotton Fest 2020

Slikour interviews SA Hip Hop stars, Da LES, Stogie T, Beast and Zakwe at Cotton Fest 2020.

Cotton Fest 2020 has come and gone but it is still one of the most memorable events that have happened this year. Slikour takes us down memory lane but also gives us a glimpse into the future for Hip Hop.

The news outlet has unveiled a chat it had with some of the performers at the event including Da LES, Stogie T, Beast and Zakwe. All four stars speak on their plans for the year, new music, and even business ventures.

Stogie T talks about recording and releasing new music, and a new album which is not surprising because he’s been very vocal about it. Da LES reveals plans to venture into the business of Ear Plugs, but says nothing of new music. Beast drops a few bars, and Zakwe speaks on the impact “Sebentin” and “Roots” have had on his career.

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