Watch: Sophie Ndaba Breaks Down In Tears Talking About Her Kids

Sophie Ndaba is one woman who has seen a lot in this life, from abuse to divorces to health scare – you name it, But she is still standing and grateful to be.

It turns out she draws a lot of strength from her children. The fact that she has them and the fact that they are always there to flower her soul with their smiles, support and understanding is enough for her to keep on marching.

The actress had a break from the spotlight for a while to recover and just get her old energy back. Her return caused a stir, as many people, from celebs to fans, commented on the admirable progress she has made physically – looking more beautiful than she was when she vanished from the scene.

The actress herself has been speaking about her life and journey at every opportunity she gets, noting how God saved and redeemed her, suffusing her life with new energy and meaning. She was on the set of Metro FM recently where she spoke about her life and the role her son played in supporting her in her darkest moment.

She wept speaking about that moment and her son contributed to her rebound. You can check out the video below.

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