Watch: Sophie Ndaba Snags Attention With Stunning Outfit

Celebs, Fans Celebrate With Sophie Ndaba Lichaba As She Reintroduces Herself – Watch

The march of healing and growth continues for actress Sophie Ndaba, who recently reintroduced herself with a note of the miracle God has made of her life after multiple tragedies and relationship woes.

She continues to illuminate the path of her growth and healing with snaps for her fans to follow her in the journey. In a clip shared on her official Instagram page, she showed herself getting out of her SUV while an aid helped her shut the door.

She had then walked alongside a friend into the venue of an occasion she was apparently invited to. Many of her fans who saw the clip were pleased with it, pointing out how elegant she looked in her outfit. Sophie Ndadba herself shouted out some of the people who accessorised her for the occasion. You can check out the clip below.

Sophie Ndaba has come a long way and is more than happy to be standing despite her afflictions and other tragedies that enveloped her at the time. She had a health scare, her relationship collapsed and at some point, many wrote her off as gone and beyond redemption.

But she had faith in God’s redemptive power. That power found her, and she is more than happy to share her good news.