Watch Stogie T Perform “Leo Messi” Live With The French Band, Deluxe

Stogie T performs "Leo Messi" Live with French band, Deluxe

Stogie T performs “Leo Messi” with French band, Deluxe.

If you didn’t know, Mzansi rapper, Stogie T is very much international. The rapper is truly everyone’s dream collaborator. He’s that kind of artist who makes a song even better when he appears on it. That’s definitely why we love him so.

With the COVID-19 spread, artists have been subjected to performing their hits live from the comfort of their homes. In a recent Instagram Live, Stogie teamed up with French band, the ones he previously collaborated with on the song “Leo Messi” to perform it.

It was a dope performance and fans certainly loved every bit of it. Stogie has been quite impressive this lockdown season. He’s taken his Freestyles up a notch and delivered good music for his fans to enjoy. This is just icing on the cake because we know he’s got more surprises in store for us.

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