Watch Stogie T Take A Swing At Big Zulu In New Freestyle

Watch famous Mzansi lyricist Stogie T take a swing at Big Zulu in his latest freestyle.

Do you know what the SA Hip Hop scene should be called? Stomp or get stomped. It is crazy out on these streets. Someone is always coming for someone, and Mzansi is always ready for it. We have all been entertained by the ruckus.

Big Zulu made quite a buzz when he dropped his freestyle, taking shots at the biggest OGs in the game. Well, it’s months later, and Stogie T has not forgotten. The famous lyricist dropped a new freestyle, and he name-dropped Zulu. First, brace yourselves because this really slaps.

We’d like you to hear it for yourself, so no spoilers. But we will say this; Stogie raps about being in the game since Emtee was eight. Yoooooo. He really came to draw blood. Hopefully, this will tick someone off so much that they hit the studio and reply.

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