Watch! T.I Narrates How He Met Nasty C

T.I reveals how he met Mzansi rapper, Nasty C

T.I reveals how he met popular Mzansi rapper, Nasty C.

In case you weren’t satisfied with Nasty C’s version of events on how he and American rapper, T.I met, T.I is telling his side. During a recent episode of his show, ExpediTIously, he detailed all that happened before he reached out to the “There They Go” rapper.

It all began while he was filming for a movie in SA. He revealed that while he was immersing himself in the culture, he heard something that reminded him a bit of himself. It was Nasty C’s music. According to him it was played everywhere they went.

He wondered why he hadn’t heard about him sooner because of how dope he was. Later on, he reached out to him via social media and they began exchanging dms. When Nasty sent him a joint, he readily jumped on it. He also revealed that they would collaborate on many more songs after “They Don’t”.

Nasty C was like…. we kept hearing his music, we kept hearing his name. Didn’t know much about him, hadn’t heard about him. I started wondering… this kid is dope! He reminds me of me a lil bit, why haven’t I heard anything about him? Not knowing anything about his story, not knowing anything about how he began in music.,”

I just reached out to him and told him I thought his sh*t was dope. We’ve been exchanging DMs and texts. He sent me a record and of course I hopped on it. We made more plans to do more music in the future,


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