Watch The Big Hash Theory, Ep. 4

The Big Hash releases Theory Ep. 4

The Big Hash releases the fourth episode of his YouTube series, Theory.

You might have seen him in the news a lot lately as a result of his feud with J Molley but it is nice to see him doing the things we know him for. Last year, The Big Hash debuted his fun YouTube series, Theory, which is centred around his life.

The short series follows his life on the road, and fans get to see him be his talented self for some minutes. However, we didn’t much since the debut, just three episodes. He’s finally out with a fourth which debuted a day ago to the delight of his fans.

The new episode of the series features a sneak peek of his upcoming visuals for Palm Trees. He made the reveal while announcing the episode on social media. The “Amnesia” rapper also previously revealed he wouldn’t be going on with just feud with J Molley.

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