Watch The Charming Moment Usher Serenades Female Fan & Feed her Strawberries

Imagine your idol popping on stage, serenading you with good music and then feeding your strawberries right there as well. Now, that is the dream for most. But of course, not everyone would get to experience that.

Well, a fan of celebrated singer Usher experienced just that recently after the songster walked up to her and performed what many were in no way expecting. Besides singing for the fan before a live audience, Usher also fed her strawberries.

The clip of the moment is currently circulating online, with mostly positive reviews. One Twitter user noted that would be the dream – Usher feeding her before a live audience and correspondingly the world. Another noted that she would have passed out of excitement.


And yet some others noted that the fact that the gesture was unplanned or appeared to be one of the merits of a live performance – a musician flowing with the moment and the audience tagging along, creating experiences that will live long after everyone would have dispersed. You can check out the clip below.

Usher might not be as active as he was in his younger years, but the “Confessions” crooner has managed to remain relevant in the music universe

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