Watch The Consecration Of King Misuzulu By Anglican Archbishop

After a bitter succession battle, the Zulu Nation officially have a new king in Misuzulu Sinqobile Kazwelithini. As the new king of the Zulu nation, Misuzulu promised to unite the Zulu people, and President Cyril Ramaphosa promised his support.

A key highlight of the historic moment is the consecration prayer conducted for the new king by Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba. The event was recorded and streamed live. So, if you missed it, you can still check it out below.

The liturgy of the archbishop noted the recognition the new king had gotten from the South African president, noting the new king’s noble calling following the death of his father, who had held the throne for decades.

The archbishop also noted that Jesus, who is a prophet, Priest and King, has called His Majesty, King Misuzulu. to share in his work of sanctifying and shepherding his people.

The consecration by the archbishop elicited mixed feelings on social media, with some tweeps noting that the christian religious figure has no business with the coronation because the Zulu kingship is steeped in tradition and traditional mode of worship.

The new king’s father had the longest reign. So all eyes are on the new king to see how far he goes. You can check out the videos below.

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