Watch The Moment Black Coffee Meets Simmy For The First Time

Watch the incredible moment Mzansi DJ, Black Coffee meets popular Vocalist, Simmy for the first time.

There are Mzansi celebs who are doing the most on the scene but have not met each other. It still does not stop them from being huge fans of each other’s works. We recently got see the moment renowned Mzansi DJ, Black Coffee met El World Music singer, Simmy.

The last time, we only saw photo from the first time Coffee and Kabza De Small met each other. This time, new world record holder, DJ Sbu shared a video of the experience to his Instagram page.

It happened back in December, at the DJ Sbu World Record Experience. Their meeting is quite heartwarming as they exchange pleasantries. Mzansi producer, Sun-El Musician remains in the background and looks very chill as the two talk. DJ Sbu has revealed that his fave part of the video is Sun-El’s mood all through.

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