Watch The Moment Declan Rice Teases Bukayo Saka Over FaceTime With Kim Kardashian

He might not be a comedian, but Declan Rice surely knows how to throw in a joke or two as appropriate. This much played out recently as his compatriot Bukayo Saka showed up for England duty.

Kim Kardashian had popped into the Emirate stadium with her kids during Arsenal’s Europa League fixture against Sporting CP. The goal was to see Saka in person but she and her kids somehow missed meeting the Arsenal player.

To make up for that, Saka had FaceTimed the reality star and her kids and they all appeared to have had a wonderful time conversing on the app. The encounter didn’t go unnoticed by Decklan Rice, who would make a joke of it much later.

Saka had checked in at St. George’s park to join his England side. When he went to greet his teammates. When he saw Saka approaching, Rice pulled off a fast one on him by saying to Luke Shaw: “Bro, he’s been on FaceTime with Kim Kardashian! He doesn’t want us anymore!”

That moment had many social media users roaring with laughter. It was just lighthearted banter that found its way to social media and ultimately to news sites. You can check it out below.

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