Watch This Adorable Video of Nasty C And His Son Oliver

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C warms hearts with an adorable video of him bonding with his son Oliver.

Nasty C really does love it here. We have watched the rapper grow from a young emcee to a father who wants the best for his little boy. The BET Awards nominee has had one of the best years on the scene.

He has dropped hits and delivered ventures just for his fans to be entertained. In mid-September, the “There They Go” star returned to the scene with his new album “I Love It Here,” and it hit the top of the charts and charted in various countries. Nasty’s album featured his girlfriend Sammie, who graced the cover with their newborn son, Oliver.

They announced the boy’s birth before the album was released. Nasty even opened up about adjusting to his new role as a father. A recent video of the star with his son posted by The Hype Collector has got everyone daydreaming.

The video shows the “They Don’t” star in the studio making music. He takes a break to be with his son. He is seen carrying the boy and lightly patting his back. Of course, Mzansi can’t get enough of it.

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