Watch Trompies’ Eugene Mthethwa Chains Himself At SAMRO Offices In Protest Over Unpaid Royalties

A video of Trompies member Mthethwa chaining himself to a table at the office of the South Africa Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) has gone viral.

The songster had chained himself to the table to symbolize how he thinks the rights body is treating artistes. You may want to check out the viral video below.

It has emerged that Ringo Madlingozi, a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)  has taken up a similar form of protest in solidarity with Eugene Mthethwa.

The video of Eugene Mthethwa chaining himself to the table provoked mixed reactions online. While some social media users supported the songster, commending him for his courage to take on the body singlehandedly, others thought he should have taken other avenues to express his grievances.

By the way, Eugene Mthethwa’s fight for royalties owed artistes didn’t start today. The songster has been in the vanguard of having SAMRO release the royalties due to him and other artistes. Back in 2020, when SAMRO was about to hold its annual general meeting, deplored the reality that some of his works had been listed by the SAMRO as “documented, undocumented and new. ”

He isn’t giving up the fight to have this corrected.

Well, what do you think of Eugene Mthethwa’s action and the responses to it so far? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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