Watch Video Of Kelly Khumalo Allegedly Using Muthi

A video has surfaced online of Kelly Khumalo allegedly using muthi, and it has got South Africans talking.

In the said clip, the “Dance Comigo” songstress could be seen walking along an isolated road while cars zoom by. She’d stopped along the way crossed a railing and walked close to the river nearby.

After apparently speaking briefly, she was seen casting a coin into the river, crossing the railing again, and heading back whence she came. The video itself isn’t exactly new in that Kelly Khumalo had shared a picture of herself walking around that area previously.

However, and as some social media users insist, the video appears to affirm her ex lover Jub Jub’s claim, during an interview appearance on podcast and chill with MacG, that she uses muthi.

While she’s being criticized for allegedly using muthi, some social media users are defending her. According to them, she’s an African woman and therefore at liberty to use muthi if she wants.

Kelly Khumalo has been mum about the whole muthi. It would be interesting to see hod she would react to it all. We’ll be here to bring you more details. Do you may want to follow us right away and stay tuned for updates.

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