Watch: Viral Moment Julius Malema Vibes With Shebeshxt On Stage

Away from politics, South Africa’s Julius Malema certainly knows how to have a good time. This reality manifests again and again, with the latest being of him vibing with controversial rapper Shebeshxt.

The scene was Gauteng during g the unveiling of the manifesto of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a political party led by Julius Malema. Shebescht was one of the musicians co-opted to perform.

S usual. he gave an electric performance on stage and was joined by Julius Malema, who vibed with him heartily.  The clip lasted just 17 seconds, but it was enough to charm many of those who saw it. Check it out below.

The coming together – you might say the performance of Shebesjxt and Julius Malema – seems like the meeting of the like-minded, as both of them are known to be intensely controversial.

Whereas Malema calls the shots in the political arena of controversy, Shebeshxt holds court in the music arena. The EFF leader is hoping to be South Africa’s next president.

While Malema has a strong support base among his red collective, many South Africans are wary of him becoming president because of what they consider his divisive politics and call for the killing of the white in a viral video

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