Watch Viral Video Of Dineo Ranaka Lashing Out On Boyfriend Sechaba Thole

Everyone out there want to have the perfect relationship, without the noise and drama that dries the bones. One such person is musician and presenter Dineo Ranaka.

But a recent video of her lashing out at her boyfriend has got many in Mzansi wondering what exactly was going on, and what the health of her relationship was. In the video,Dineo could be heard verbally lashing out at her man.

The video was in two parts. In the first part, she noted that she divorced her husband in less than a year of marrage, adding that she knew what she wanted in a marriage and what she stood for.

So users criticized that line with the argument that if she really knew what she wanted, she would not have gotten into that marriage and then hurried out of it.

Also, in the video, she appeared to mock her boyfriend, noting he was getting too excited because she had a little crush on him and was going through a divorce. The boyfriend in the clip appeared calm, only occasinoally sipping from the bottle before him. You can check out the videos below.

the reason for the fallout cannot be established but some fans appeared cool with the scene because there was no record of physical violence. Others feel it would have been a big issue if the table was turned, especially with the long history of high gender-based violence in the country.

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