Watch Yanga Sobetwa Do An Acapella Version Of “Sofia The First” Theme Song

Yanga Sobetwa delivers an Acapella version of Sofia The First song

Yanga Sobetwa delivers an Acapella version of the song “Sofia The First”.

For as long as we can remember, Mzansi singer Yanga Sobetwa has entertained us with her beautiful voice. You might as well call her a song bird. She sings so beautifully well, and even American singer, Jojo agrees.

Since the lockdown began, Yanga has shared videos of herself performing various songs including ones by Beyoncé. Of course, she pulls them off really well. Last week, she delivered an Acapella version of a Gospel song which she said she had to become a church girl to pull off.

From what we see, she’s still doing Acapella versions. She just delivered her own rendition of the “Sofia, The First” song. Trust us, she absolutely kills it. You might want to listen to this one if you’re in the mood to hear some good vocals. This makes us miss Live shows so much.

On a lighter note ! I used to enjoy Sofia, I kinda still do watch low key 😂😂,who’s with me? Comment “👑👸🏼😌” No judgement please 😂

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