Watch Zodwa Wabantu Getting Sexually Harassed By Fans While Performing

A video posted on Zodwa Wabantu’s Instagram page shows that the reality TV star and entertainer was harassed during her performance at a show over the weekend.

The characteristics of her job are well savvied, but it’s pretty painful to comprehend the artist getting harassed by bodies she’s to entertain. Zodwa is not new to this and some would say she likes it as she always puts herself in that position of risk where fans feel like they are entitled to her body.

A few months ago, a visual of Zodwa being sexually despoiled was distributed over social media and created a bit of turmoil. Just weeks ago the reality TV star was seen taking off her underwear on stage, she posted the video on her own Instagram page.

Nevertheless, this time around, she has posted a new video on her Instagram page which raised concerns about her safety. In the video, it was seen that some men were trying to reach her private part while another girl was trying to kiss her mouth to mouth. She struggles to get herself out of the situation. Zodwa caption the post, “There will be Love & Hate when you love People

In the visual posted, a youthful-looking lady was seen vigorously touching and pulling the dancer’s face towards herself in order to kiss her, and behold, she succeeded, while men below her attempted getting their hands in her private areas. The video makes another trend rounds on yesterday.

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