Watch:Khanyi Mbau’s Ex Kudzai Mushonga Spotted With A New Lover

Again, the late Merica, the late Merican novelist Saul Bellow’s quote that “when the dear disappears, there is another dear waiting near,” has just manifested in the life of Zimbabwean “businessman” Kudzai Terrence Mushonga, the former boyfriend of South African actress Khanyo Mbau.

Just recently, he shared a long note with a blog detailing how he almost lost his mind because Khanyi Mbau was controlling and wouldn’t let him socialize with others in the UAE, which he had called home for a while.

In that post, he indicated his relationship with the South African was over. Well, that may be it, but his love life is certainly not over yet, as evident in a recent clip showing him chilling with a lady said to be his new girlfriend.

There was a great frenzy on Mzansi’s social media when the news broke and the clip surfaced online, with tweeps sharing their thoughts on his new relationship. According to some of them, he looked great with his new lover.

One person who hasn’t said anything so far is Khanyi Mbau herself. She appeared focused on herself and her career with little interest in being dragged into Kudzai Mushinga’s new life with his new lover.

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