“We Hugged” – Boity & Bujy Bikwa Make Peace As Rapper Drops Assault Charges Against Him

South African rapper Boity has just dropped the assault charges he brought against media personality and gay advocate Bujy Bikwa.

A while back, Mzansi was stunned by the news that he hurled a glass at Boity, injuring her in the face. He initially denied the claims of assault. But with Boity preferring assault charges against him, many were convinced that he indeed assaulted her.

Well, all that appears to be past tense right now, as the two of them have made up finally. Bujy reportedly got into an agreement with the “Wuz Dat” rapper for her to withdraw the case, and she did. It was a pleasant end to an unpleasant public spat between the two.

The ending will probably provoke a smile from those enamoured of peace and amity: “We hugged, we spoke, and we are okay. We both agreed we are going to move on and be civil towards one another.” And so ends the conflict between them.

Until they made up, they divided South Africans along fan lines, with Boity’s supporters attacking Bujy Bikwa and his supporters returning the fire.

Hopefully, as they both claimed, the grenades and bottles are over and it’s all fine and dandy between them – as the saying goes.

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