#WemissyouBonang: Bonang Matheba’s Absence From Social Media Got Her Fans Worried

Bonang Matheba is unusually absent from social media and fans are worried.

South African TV personality, Bonang Matheba is a star social media users cannot do without. Popularly known as Queen B, Bonang is no doubt the queen of social media.

She is a woman of influence that has won the hearts of many people. No wonder she won the award for the influencer of the year!

The queen of social media herself has been absent from the social media and virtually everyone has taken her absence into notice. Her social media silence has become a cause for worry because it is unusual for Queen B to suddenly take a break from her pages.

Bonang Matheba can proudly boast of giving her fans what they want. But with her absence from the space, the case has not been the same.

The question goes: Has Bonang Matheba decided to take a break from social media?

Her dedicated fans, who are deeply yearning for her return, have taken to social media to create a hashtag so that our queen will trend. In an attempt to make Bonang return, they are using the hashtag #wemissyouBonang.

It is very obvious that the TV personality is missed by her fans and they are worried. We hope that their outcry will make Bonang return to social media.

Earlier this month, Bonang Matheba attended the #OneTeam Twitter conference, created to connect influential people from around the world. The conference was held in Houston. Queen B got the opportunity to hang out with Twitter founder and co-founder, and other notable personalities from around the world.

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