Wendy Williams Returns With An Emotional Documentary

Former TV host Wendy Williams has returned to the public scene with an emotional trailer for her forthcoming documentary set to air on Lifetime.

Wendy Williams was once the queen of daytime television. The famous talk show host was known as one of the most entertaining people on TV. However, her battle with illness and family issues caused her to step away from the public eye.

The iconic “Wendy” show host has re-emerged in an emotional new trailer for her upcoming documentary set to air on Lifetime. Titled “Where Is Wendy Williams?” The documentary follows the former talk show host as she tearfully struggles with health issues and a financial crisis as her family and friends try to help her out.

Wendy talks about losing all her money. She says, “I have no money.” She also says it can happen to anyone if it happened to her. Her son, Kevin Hunter, is also featured in the trailer, where he talks about his mother’s struggles.

Wendy’s sister, Wanda, says, “We all make choices in life. We all go through our challenges. She’s still a person.”

“Where Is Wendy Williams?” is a two-part documentary scheduled to air on 24 and 25 February. Fans are already excited to watch it.


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