Wendy Williams’s New Video Provokes Concern From Fans

Show host Wendy Williams had fans concerned after she shared a clip announcing what’s apparently  a new podcast,  The Wendy Experience,

The said clip opens with Wendy speaking in what appears to be her then, then transforms to the title of the podcast. She didn’t look rested in the short clip, and some fans were concerned for her, asking if she was okay.

Others merely told her to keep away from doing anything at the moment until she was fully healed. It has been less than two months since the last episode of The Wendy Williams Show ended. Some fans are of the opinion Wendy need not hop into another show immediately.

Some fans were particularly concerned about what she said in the clip she shared: “Co-hosts, I’m famous. And I’ll be back. Trust me.” The caption to the post affirmed the same: “TRUST ME, I will be BACK!”

Wendy Williams has recently been a subject of great interest, with fans speculating about her health. Speculations were intense after she claimed she had married a New York Police Department officer named Henry.

However, her manager, William Selby, dismisses the claim, noting she got into a new relationship and must have been carried away in conversation.

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