What Emtee Did After He Was Denied Entry Into Popular Restaurant

A popular musician being turned away from a popular restaurant is not something one hears all the time. But that was the reality recently for South African rapper Emtee.

The songster had turned up at Mike Kitchen, apparently to buy some food, but he was turned away from the place for smelling like cannabis.

Fort a musician of his stature, it was as disappointing as it was insulting. In fact, the songster felt so strongly about how he was treated that, according to a report from TimesLive, he’d even threatened legal action against the restaurant.

The legal threat notwithstanding, the songster also decided to buy cologne to suppress his cannabis smell in the event he should smoke before heading out. That, too, made the news.

The reactions to him buying cologne following the embarrassing moment at the restaurant have been mixed, though. While some people commended the decision to buy cologne, some made jest of it and of the rapper himself.

According to this group, the smell of cannabis is so strong and overpowering that cologne cannot suppress it. So the best way not to smell it is not to smoke it.

Well, it remains to be seen whether Emtee will go ahead with his legal threat.

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